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We trust that these pages will provide useful information to parents.  If you thinks of additional information it would be helpful to include, please email this to us for consideration. Thanks

 In this section                                                                                                                                                                

  • Dates:  Our timetable of holidays, meetings and events

  • Uniform: Information on uniform expectations, hair and makeup etc...

  • Homework:  Information on homework expectations and ways you can help at home

  • Newsletters:  Copies of past newsletters

  • The Curriculum:   Information on the curriculum

  • PE & Sport:   Information on the PE curriculum and Sport funding expenditure and impact

  • Results:  Results from Statutory tests & school performance

  • Pastoral Care & SEN:  Details of our provision for SEN & Pastoral needs

  • School Dinners:  A copy of the school menu, how to order meals and costs

  • Pupil Premium:  Pupil Premium information & Who can claim free school meals and how

  • Joining the School:  Information on the procedure for joining the school